Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Run?

I had everything on but my shoes. The ipod was freshly loaded with 2 hours worth of Foo Fighters - Live at Wembley Stadium, my legs felt great and I was looking forward to getting in a good hard run, even if it was going to be on the road. Then I glanced at the temperature gauge. What? While I was getting ready it had dropped four degrees in 10 minutes. Looking out the window I could see the light rain had increased to visible drops, with a little sleet mixed in.
As my motivation dropped my facial expression must have followed because my family started to reassure me that it was "alright" if I didn't go. "You'll get all cold and wet", and "haven't you done enough this week" was what they were telling me. It was true, I would get cold and wet just like the morning before when I met up with Erik and Rich in Park City. I also had some pretty decent mileage for the week but I hadn't reached my intended goal.
I sat there for a minute and thought about it before telling them I was going. When Betsy asked me why, I told her the only reason I was considering not going was because of the weather and that's just not a good reason.
I've started quite a few runs and even races in inclement weather with my friends, I suppose it's the old misery loves company thing or maybe not wanting to appear weak in front of my peers. But starting a run by myself in foul weather with a guarantee of it getting worse is a committment thing for me. "How committed are you to getting better?" I have to ask myself. If you can't drag yourself out for a measly 2 hours in the cold and wet how are you going to do it for 25 or 30 hours?
Aside from a few over-eager church goers I ended up having a great run, completing my 16 mile route in a little under 2 hours and reaching my weekly mileage goal.

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peter said...

Sorry I wasn't there to share in the fun. I suspect this one will pay off down the road. More over the old lady had already finished her 3 hour run through sleet and snow.