Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baggin' Peaks with the Family

A week or so after the Bear my son started asking me about bagging another peak before the snow flew, so I suggested Grandeur. I brought up the subject around dinner one night and before I knew it the whole family wanted to go.

Sandwiched between Parleys and Millcreek canyon we usually make the peak part of a bigger run, so I don't really think of it in the same regard as other peaks. Not to diminish it in any way, it's still a tough hike gaining 2600' in about 3 miles. We packed up the 2 dogs, 2 - 70oz hydration packs, 1 - 30oz pack, 2 water bottles and a bunch of misc energy food. I truly thought we were carrying way to much, but it turns out it was just about right.

It was a beautiful day, clear, breezy and unseasonably warm (80 degrees) so it was easy going in the bottom of the drainage next to the creek, but got a little harder the higher we climbed on the exposed portion of the trail. For my daughter this was the longest and highest she had ever climbed/hiked so she needed a little persuading now and then to keep going. About a 1/4 mile from the top she got summit fever and raced my son to the peak. 2.5 hours up, 15 mins on top, 1:15 down, 4 hours roundtrip (including time to pick up some colored leaves for art projects). Good times...

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