Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 Race Schedule

One vastly different aspect about ultras from cycling is the fact that races fill up the moment they open for registration. That never happened in the 10 years I spent racing my bike. So as a consequence you have to be on the ball in order to get into some of the popular races. The other annoying part is that registration for the ultras during the summer open during December and January, so plunking down the cash for 4 or 5 races can get expensive during the holidays. I guess the bright side is that I know which races I'm doing right now and I can use that as motivation to get out on these cold snowy days.
The schedule thus far:
The second half of the season is really dictated by Wasatch. If I am fortunate enough to make it in I will just have to see how I feel during July and August. I might need to slow down and let my legs heal from the first 5 months. One thought I've entertained, is that might try doing the Bear even if I get into Wasatch. I had such a great time there last year that I'd really like to do it again.
Initially I had wanted to do the San Juan Solstice in June but we decided to do a family vacation to San Francisco instead. That's how I ended up signing up for the Miwok 100k. I'm really excited to run this one. It's in the Marin Headlands and the scenery looks incredible. The trail looks kind of low on the technical scale so hopefully I'll trip a little less while I'm taking in the views. A bonus to this one is that Peter is running it as well. He was supposed to pace his sister at Western States, but since she didn't get in she is going to run Miwok as a consolation. This race seems to be pretty popular with the fast folks as it is a qualifier for Western States. If you are in the top three men or women you get an automatic birth and you can bypass the their lottery. Lon Freeman won last year in a time of 8:09:52 breaking the course record from 1999. In case you were wondering that's 7:53 min/mile with 10,000 vertical, that's fast! I think I'll probably set a time goal for a sub 11, but who knows since I've never seen the trail.
I suppose with all these races lined up I should get out for a run or two.

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Brian Beckstead said...

Looks like a great schedule! I'll look forward to racing with you a few more times in 2008. No Devil's backbone? Any suggestions for a first timer? Good Luck and see you around.