Monday, September 10, 2007

The Wasatch that wasn't

I trained, I raced and I planned, but it wasn't in the cards.
From the start I kept a conservative pace hitting my pace goal to the first aid station at 18 miles, right on the nose in 4 hours even. I was well hydrated which was evident by my frequent nature breaks and my legs felt great. I pushed the pace a bit through unfamiliar territory between Francis Aid and Bountiful B and continued through to Sessions. By this time I was actually a bit ahead of my goal pace but falling behind with my hydration. Rather than slowing way down I just backed off a bit and continued on through Swallow Rocks aid station, taking my time to enjoy a popsicle as I left. I still pressed on with my steady pace until I reached Big Mountain Aid at mile 40. My stomach was not feeling well and nothing sounded good. In hindsight I should have stayed here until I felt better, but I decided to continue on with my pacer Jesse and fix it on the trail. Immediately after leaving the aid station I emptied my stomach contents on the side of the trail. Of course I felt better immediately afterwards and started sipping water. Forty five minutes later I threw up again. This pattern repeated itself until there was nothing left to come up. I decided before I got to Alexander Ridge Aid that I was not going to continue. I couldn't even walk for more than ten minutes at a time without having to sit down. I felt horrible. Later that night I was able to hold down some broth but my weight was down nearly 10lbs from the morning.
Lessons learned:
  • Just because you feel good doesn't mean you can forget about taking care of yourself.
  • Racing 50 miles is only 1/2 of 100.
  • Take care of issues right away, they only get worse with time and mileage.
  • The dry wind can dehydrate you very quickly.
The feelings that come with a DNF are not easy to shake, but I'm determined to figure this out and finish a 100 miler.

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Holmbrew said...

I saw you at Alexander Springs and was really surprised to see you had crashed so hard. We have all been there. I had my bout with the same stuff, except for the vomiting, at the Speedgoat 50k and used that experience to me through Wasatch. I look forward to seeing you on the trail and at future 100s.

Take care,
Jason H.